Car Bombs in Sungai Kolok

From Komchadluek, September 18, 2011
The headlines read: Three locations, three deaths, more than 50 injured
Car bombs in Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok district
Soldiers point to vengeance by drug gangs. Pol. Gen. Sompien Eksomya’s subordinates shot dead. [Pol. Gen Sompien was well-known for his dedication in fighting the southern unrest. He was killed in a bomb blast last year.]
Small text: Three bombs in Sungai Kolok killed three people and wounded more than 50. In Yala province, gunmen walked up to a mosque and shot a policeman and a defence volunteer, both of whom used to work under Pol. Gen. Sompien. Deputy PM Kowit Wattana confirms no cancellation of emergency decree.

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