Can you guess the “P”?

From Manager, March 4, 2018
Caption: Can you guess which letter “Po pla” refers to who? [Refers to the names of people starting with the letter “Po pla” or “P” in English.]
1st row left on the paper: New song
[This refers to PM Prayuth who always issues a new song to the public that extols the good intentions of the junta.]
The top middle letter refers to Deputy PM Prawit who is still a top government minister despite suspicious about the sources of his wealth including many luxury watches.
Right: Refers to Anupong Paojinda whose nickname is Pok. He is involved in a scandal over purchasing blimps for use by the military in the deep south.
Bottom left refers to Italian-Thai Development Plc CEO Premchai Karnasuta who is facing charges for illegal hunting in a wildlife sanctuary.
Bottom right refers to school teacher Preecha Kraikruan who was allegedly filing false complaints to the police claiming a lottery win.

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