Burma: Rohingya Refugees And Thailand’s ‘Push-Back’
พม่า : ผู้อพยพโรฮินยาและประเทศไทยให้ถอยกลับไป

Burma: Rohingya Refugees And Thailand’s ‘Push-Back’ – Analysis – eurasiareview.com, December 31, 2011
…The Thai authorities are apprehensive of the influx and suspect that the Rohingyas are assisting the Muslim-led insurgency in southern Thailand, which has intensified in recent times. Furthermore, nearly 1 million other migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar are estimated to already be in Thailand. The exceeding numbers of illegal migrants will add to the economic burden and pose a threat to Thai national security. Unlike the other migrants in Thailand who play a major role contributing to the Thai economy, the Rohingyas are only a liability and burden; they cannot get a work permit in Thailand as this requires a nationality verification certificate which the Rohingyas do not have…

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