British rights activist says Thai defamation case ‘politically motivated’

Thailand: British rights activist says defamation case ‘politically motivated’
…The company sued Hall for defamation, which is a criminal offence in Thailand, and violations of the Computer Crimes Act in February 2013, after the release of a report he co-authored for the Finnish rights group Finnwatch. If found guilty, he could face up to seven years in prison and damages of $10m.
The report – Cheap has a high price: Responsibility problems relating to international private label products and food production in Thailand – alleges that a pineapple canning factory operated by Natural Fruit employed children as young as 14, confiscated migrant workers‘ documents and severely underpaid them. The factory management is accused of discriminating against and abusing migrant workers, who made up most of the workforce and were largely smuggled into the country from neighbouring Burma (Myanmar)…

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