Blowing up the political parties

From Thairath, December 21, 2017
Title: Thinking that they can’t win… so destroy it!
Inside thought bubble: Military party
On the bomb plunger the man is holding: Return the happiness [the junta’s slogan]
In the boxing ring: Old political parties [shows symbols of rural people (the Muay Thai boxer at left) as well as the Democrat Party symbolized by the hooded figure as the cartoonist blames them for the 2010 protest deaths in Bangkok]
Close to the bombs: Amend the laws to get rid of the members of old parties
On the round bomb: Destroy democracy
Phi Nooring: Being a loser, but likes to overthrow power anyway
Mouse: Dislike a dictator

[Refers to the rumor that the military is forming a party to contest the coming elections. Concerns are that the junta is paving their way for elections by issuing regulations that hurt all political parties including the Democrat Party that long capitalized from political turmoil to gain power themselves.]

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