From Thairath, May 1, 2020
Paper held by hanged woman: Don’t have money to buy milk for the kids.
Paper close by PM Prayuth’s picture: Heartless, black-hearted
Paper hanging from the Thai Airways plane: Hundred billion bailout from dying [going bankrupt]
Caption: Ordinary people are the ones who can die
Phi Nooring: Help bail out the poor
Mouse: Let them be hungry.

[Refers the government’s planned bailout for national carrier Thai Airways which is apparently on the verge of collapse. This cartoon alleges that the government does not adequately help common people and instead focuses on large businesses.
There have been a spate of highly-publicized suicides. One person drew a sketch of PM Prayuth which was left by their body. It was alleged that she could not qualify for the government’s 5000 baht assistance and was destitute. Some reports noted her boyfriend cheated her out of the payout.]

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