“Birds Eye View of Bangkok”

More views of the area here: Phan Fa Bridge area over the years

(Source: Vintage postcard)

Above and below: Views of the Phan Fa Bridge area.

The above postcard photo (labeled “Y.Ebata, (Prom Photo Studio, Mikasa, Y.Asow and Co.” on the reverse) was taken from the top of the Golden Mount.
It shows a rare historical image of buildings in the Mahakan Fort community including the long narrow structure (at left middle) that contained an inscription dating it to the Rama V era. This scuttled the Thai Rak Thai government’s insistence that the Mahakan Fort community be razed and turned into a “tourist park” since regulations stipulated that buildings from the Rama V era in Ratanakosin Island must be preserved.

(Source: Vintage photo)

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