The Corpse of Pheu Thai Party Performs Well

From Manager, March 15, 2011
The words on the newspaper: Poll indicates 17.6% popularity for the Democrats and 16.5% for Pheu Thai [in the censure debate]
Abhisit is saying: My level of support is only is 1.1% more than him?!
The word on the coat of the man at right: Pheu Thai Party
The caption reads: Hmmmm… [it is a pity], born to be a pretty man [refers to the common insult hurled at Abhisit–that he is handsome and smooth talking, but has no other important attributes]

[The corpse refers to the political turmoil and questions that surround Pheu Thai–including its leadership, legal scandals that could be used to disband it, party defections, etc.–that have some analysts considering it a dead party. However, this may be premature as the public felt Pheu Thai politicians performed well in the censure debate.]

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