Be careful, you will be dismissed

From Manager, June 24, 2015
Voice: If you don’t dismiss him… I may have to dismiss you.
Left: The policeman in brown is Chief of Pol Gen Somyot Pumpunmuang
Middle: PM Prayuth
Caption: Be careful, you will be dismissed.

[Refers to Pol. Gen. Somyot’s refusal to follow junta directives to strip Thaksin of his rank as well as Somyot’s counter proposal to revive Thaksin legalization of casinos.
Both show that, despite Prayuth’s self-declared absolute powers, the reality is that there are limits to the military’s power and that the police still stand as independent counter-force that will act for Thaksin.
Who is the man in blue? It is likely Privy Councilor Prem. (Or not, see comment below. Others have also said the blue sleeve refers to the “common man,” not the Privy Council.)
Despite Western perceptions of the military completely dominating the country now or what having a monarchy means in practical terms, none of the powers of the Thai world can completely dominate all the others. There are always other sources of power one needs on board to maintain control–whether it is Thaksin and the Royal Thai police or the military and the Privy Council.]

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