Banharn with Miss Teen Thailand

From Komchadluek, September 11, 2013
Left: Banharn Silpa-acha: I’d like to ask Khun Anand to join in political reform. [Anand Panyarachun is a former PM and elder statesman]
Middle: Banharn: I’d like to ask Khun Sondhi… Khun Chamlong to join in political reform. [Here he asks PAD leaders to join the government reform council.]
Right: Banharn: I want to ask Nong Manao to join in the political reform.

[Banharn Silpa-acha is former prime minister and former leader of the Chat Thai Party. He is know as the “slippely eel” for his ability to join any political coalition to obtain power for his political bloc. Meanwhile, Nong Manao is Miss Teen Thailand 2008 with whom Banharn was photographed with at his residence. The photo was posted on social media network and stirred up a rumor of special romantic relationship between the two. The actual photo is on a magazine cover on this page.]

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