Asylum for a rhino

From Manager, November 1, 2017
Top left: Will you seek asylum in our country?
Right: We can’t take it. You do this in the wrong place. You should go to…
Bottom left, fugitive PM Yingluck: Then, where should I seek asylum?
Bottom right: CITES’s London branch. Walk past two blocks and then turn right.

[This refers to the rumors that Yingluck would seek asylum in the UK. For Thaksin foes (such as Manager cartoonists) this is seen as yet another attempt for Thaksin to embarrass the country on the world stage.
The Thai word for rhino is similar to the Thai word for slut. Thus to portray a woman as a rhino is to call her a slut.]

More: The Burden of Being a Prominent Thai Woman–and Being Called a Slut

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