Article 44 got dull


From Manager, July 11, 2016
On the sword: Article 44
From the top to bottom (“killing” here relates to the action of a sword to stamp out or end the activity): Killing bad boys [referring to brawling technical college students], transfer civil officers, killing alcohol restaurants around schools, killing students fighting, transfer civil officers, don’t allow fireworks and lanterns, transfer civil government officials
Caption: Doesn’t have any shape left to kill Dhammachayo.

[Refers to the use of the Article 44 by which the junta wields absolute power to directly tackle intractable problems.
However, the junta has appeared to take a gentler line with Dhammachayo who has arrayed his followers as a human shield to avoid arrest. The junta has constantly deferred to proper legal procedures in dealing with the standoff.
This seems odd as the controversial temple has often acted in concert with Thaksin’s political machine. This is the same political machine that is the junta’s main target.]

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