AP: Bangkok Post editor ousted for criticizing Thailand’s military government

Editor ousted for criticizing Thailand’s military government – AP, May 15, 2018
…Umesh Pandey said Tuesday that he lost his post as editor-in-chief of the Bangkok Post after a meeting with company executives where he was told that government officials had been pressuring them…

Bangkok Post statement: Committed to editorial autonomy – Bangkok Post, May 16, 2018
…Following the transfer of former editor Umesh Pandey, the Bangkok Post would like to assure readers and the public of our editorial independence and reaffirm that our content, whether published in the newspaper or on other platforms, has never been interfered with by either the government or company executives…

Editor Removed For Mismanagement – Not Junta Pressure: Bangkok Post – Khao Sod, May 15, 2018
…“Things have been accumulating about this issue since late last year already,” Deputy Chief Operating Officer Nha-Kran Loahavilai said in an interview today. “In November, I personally proposed removing him, because his behavior was unfit to be the Bangkok Post editor … But the board gave him a second chance, so I let him stay…”

Editor of Bangkok Post ‘forced to step down’ over coverage of government – The Guardian, May 15, 2018
…An editorial from 14 May, in which the paper criticised the banning of all broadcasts by pro-democracy Peace TV, was said to have been a particular source of contention.
The paper slammed the ban as a “blatant and poorly thought out act of censorship” and added: “The charge used to once again shut down the only popular outlet of a major political force is ludicrous.”
Pandey had also recently wrote a damning op-ed on the military government, who rule as the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), led by prime minister General Prayuth…

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