Anonymous Posters at Thammasat University

Left sign reads: Oh Somkid, NCPO is here. [Somkid Lertpaithoon is the current Rector of Thammasat University.]
NLA brothers, don’t be disharmonious.
Just one lawsuit, still, you don’t try to protect.
The salary paid to you comes from many sources.
The salary paid to you comes from many sources.
Middle sign reads: Democracy; Thai people are equal.
Right sign: “Don’t make this coup wasteful.” (Somkid Lertpaithoon) [showing that the rector is cooperating with those who conducted the coup]

These are the anonymous signs ridiculing the Thammasat University rector’s support of the post-coup government (Anonymous Posters at Thammasat University Denounce Pro-Coup University Rector).
Thammasat University students have played a historic role in resisting dictatorships and military governments of the past and academics there are among the few in the country willing to openly discuss issues like the relevance of the monarchy in Thailand. Protest and sacrifice are part of the history and pride of the university.
These anonymous postings are meant to show the hypocrisy of the rector this university cooperating with the coup plotters. However, it is uncertain how widespread this sentiment actually is.
In the past, there has been little student interest in supporting Thaksin-directed governments and their struggles to maintain power. From time to time the Red Shirt movement has either claimed student activists supported Thaksin or openly complained that students were not marching for the cause as they did for democracy movements of the past.

Sign: Upholding this standpoint is like an armor protecting the honor of the university. In the past, Thammasat University always played the outstanding role in leading the fight. Until today, it seems that you admire the undemocratic power…

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