Changing the Constitution

From Thairath, October 12, 2013
Title of the cartoon at right: Bury it so deeply that it cannot come back to haunt us
On the left cross carried by the girl: Section 68; Section 309 [Thailand’s constitution section 68 stipulates that a person cannot do anything to intentionally topple the country’s monarchical democratic regime. Section 309 stipulates that any acts certified by the temporary constitution BE 2549 (issued by the 2006 coup junta) are considered legal under the current constitution.]
On the right cross carried by the girl: Independent organizations [the Pheu Thai and Red Shirts have made eliminating independent checks on a government one of their key goals charging that these organizations have been used to thwart the will of the people and have been unfair to Thaksin]
Cross on the right side of the grave: Appointed senators
On body at the bottom of the grave: Appointed senators [some context on appointed senators is here: Couples’ Parliament]
Phi Nooring: The first body is those appointed by the coup d’etat.
Mouse: Don’t let them have a chance to be born again.
[Woman shoveling is Premier Yingluck Shinawatra, man on the right is the House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont.]
Another good example of this sentiment is here: The lady to conquer the demon

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