Ai Peud Strikes Again!

From Naewa, June 13, 2013
At left, Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Ubumrung says: left: Ask me. I know very well… Akeyuth was abducted and detained at Nong Jok awaiting money withdrawal before taken to the South.
Middle: He’s a man with no real power. He didn’t earn trust from his men. That’s why he had to die for 5 million baht. Anybody want to know anything else…?
Reporter: I want to know where Ai Peud is who killed Pol.Sen.Sgt.Maj. Yim?

[Reference is to the abduction and murder of long-time Thaksin enemy critic Akeyuth Anchanbutr, a notable businessman whose complicated background involved in the country’s politics for decades. He was creator of the anti-Thaksin Thai Insider website.
Chalerm, in his confident style, confidently explains the motive of the murder as a simple and open and shut case that was caused by Akeyuth’s failings as a leader of his men.
The joke the reporter makes refers to events in 2001 when Chalerm’s son Duangchalerm alleged shot police officer Suwichai Rodwimut to death at a pub in Bangkok in 2001.
After a long period on the run from the law, Duangchalerm returned to Thailand and Chalerm blamed a mysterious person–“Ai Pued”–for having committed the murder.
The joke is that, once again, Chalerm is setting the scene so a lackey can take the blame for a murder committed by another person.]

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