After all these years, the Chuwit/Sukhumvit Square bar raid case will be ruled on in October

Chuwit and sledgehammer – January 3, 2005
Chuwit billboard: Quash the cheating people, expose the evil people, do not fear the influential!

Sukhumvit Square bar raid judgement in October – Bangkok Post, August 13, 2015
The Supreme Court on Thursday set Oct 15 to give its ruling in the long-running Sukhumvit Square beer bar demolition in 2003, involving 66 defendants including former Rak Thailand Party leader Chuvit Kamolvisit…

12 Years Ago: Chuwit and the Massage Parlour Scandal
[Chuwit burst into public consciousness with the Sukumwit Square demolition, a war of words with police over bribes, and an alleged kidnapping.]
…Apparently, the people who lost face did not get the money. Either that or the money was not enough. When Chuwit came out with his bribery allegations, even more face and more money was lost. Gen Sant must have felt rather awkward denying that his officers were accepting bribes while at the same time transferring scores of them from their precincts. He lost face and he didn’t get paid for it…

12 Years Ago: Chuwit Smashes Sukumvit Soi 10


The sign reads: Vote Chuwit No. 5 – Politics is like a diaper – the more you change, the better [you get] – Rak Prathed Thai Party – Party list – Every province nationwide

4 Years Ago: Seizure of Chuwit’s Bt3.4 million related to prostitution ring

4 Years Ago: Election success takes Chuwit by surprise

3 Years Ago: Chuwit leads netizens’ fury over return of Chalerm’s son to police service

2 Years Ago: Chuwit taunts the Demcorats

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