Afraid of Chavalit as PM again


From Thairath, May 5, 2015
Left: Jiew has already started to help Big Tu [PM Prayuth] on restoring the economy. It helps the influx of fund into our country. Traders are happy.
Middle: Pooyai Ma: How does Jiew help?
A man: He just said he will come back to be the PM for his second time.
Right: People’re frightened so they has started buying rice and dried food. They’re afraid to be under the IMF for a second time.

[Refers to the latest political movement of former PM Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh whose nickname is Jiew. He visited with various Red Shirts political groups and specter of an upcoming appearance on the Red Shirt Peace TV channel resulted in the station being shut down by the junta.
His reappearance as a Red Shirt spokesperson has raised concerns that he may reenter politics again.
The cartoon refers to his tenure as PM when his incompetence caused the baht to crash and sparked the Asian economic crisis. Thailand was forced to accept a bailout by the IMF which put severe strain on the economy.
More about Chavalit]

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