After clashes, Red Shirts end rally

Ending the Red Shirt rally is in keeping with the overriding government desire to avoid escalation and chaos that the opposition is seeking to strengthen their claims. The government will continue to emphasize that it is following all the rules and that the protesters are committing criminal acts.

In terms of the political calculation of a sitting government vs a Thai-style protest (protest in the Thai world being a symbol, calculated by big men or not, that polite interaction is at an end and society is shamed by disunity) events now are similar to the dynamics of the 2009 and 2010 protests–it is just that the players are reversed.

Red-shirt leaders end rally

Jatuporn claims four Red Shirts killed last night

Songkhla protesters storm exhibition promoting the government’s plan to construct a high-speed rail system

PM Yingluck’s 10 Year Old Son Targeted By Protesters

State union workers to join anti-Thaksin regime protest today

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