Advice from the dangerous animals


From Thairath, March 2, 2016
Chavalit says: You did not come from an election. Put that down right now!

[This illustrates the recent coordinated criticism of the junta that started with Thaksin raising his media profile.
He gave many interviews to international publications criticizing the junta and insisting that the junta must negotiate with him.
Then other allies chimed in, capped off by a call from former commander-in-chief and prime minister Chavalit Yongjiyut for the junta to step down and hold elections this year.
For those who oppose Thaksin, the calls seemed self-serving. They contend that military control of the government is vital to restore unity (the highest Thai ideal) as well as institute reforms and create law and order–things that elected governments never would do. In the cartoon this is likened to fighting a fire.
In the cartoon, Pheu Thai politicians are depicted as “fierce animals”–cunning people who are dangerous to be around.]

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