Advice to Yingluck from a monk

From Manager, September 15, 2013
Left: Monk: If you don’t like people to calling you e-ngo [silly], you should not attend the meetings of the House of Representatives and go aboard more often.
PM Yingluck: Can it help?
Right: No!!… People will call you e-rad [slutty] instead.

[PM Yingluck has been criticized for not attending House of Representatives sessions when controversial issues are discussed. Instead, she is sent on overseas diplomatic trips.
In Thai, to call a woman e-ngo and e-rad is very impolite. E-ngo means very silly and e-rad means slutty. The “joke” is that the PM looks silly when she attempts to makes statements in parliament (e-ngo), but her overseas trips, which her critics paint as wasteful shopping sprees, would make she seem like a rich slutty woman.]

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