About 2Bangkok.com

2Bangkok.com is daily Thai news you won’t find anywhere else.

Since 1999, 2Bangkok has features stories that do not appear elsewhere or that are underreported, misreported, or lack background. 2Bangkok.com’s analysts add perspective to this local news.

2Bangkok.com also compares and contrasts the way news is reported in different newspapers in our popular “Tale of Two Newspapers” series. The Thai Media Project has summaries of the Thai-language press. These stories are often quite different than ones that appear in English.

2Bangkok also has the latest on mass transit (Skytrain, Subway, etc.) infrastructure (the Rama VIII Bridge, the megabridge), twentieth-century Thai history (such as the Bangkok trams), updates on gem scam store locations, and interesting political news.

“2Bangkok.com – Almost like being there” – Our regular photos of unusual sights give readers a sense of what it is like to live and travel in the city.

Who makes 2Bangkok.com?

What political party is funding this site? What viewpoint are you pushing?
No ‘third hand’ is behind 2Bangkok.com. We attempt to be as impartial as possible. We are not paid by any pro-or anti-Thaksin group either directly or indirectly. We are not paid by or associated with any government.
Regular readers will recognize that 2Bangkok.com has perhaps the most evenhanded coverage of Thai news that can be found in English.

We rarely post letters, but were pleased to read this from a reader who appreciates what we are trying to do at 2Bangkok.com: A friend recommended that I should visit your site because its contents is exactly what we (westernized Thais living in the States) would like to know about but have never been able to get from other sources. CNN is a completely western and impersonal, often inaccurate, view of the goings-on in Thailand. We can’t get Thai news here really, and even if we did, they are oddly biased as well. So, thank you for sharing your views and taking the time to publish them online!… (December 18, 2004)

Another reader wrote: I wish to thank you for regularly update your website about matters that concern physical development, social issues and current affairs that concern Thailand. It is indeed heartening to note that despite being an expatriate, you seem to be actively participating in constructive discussions and analysis of matters that affects the Thai residents, always directing your feedback towards the betterment of the country. I hope that all foreign residents working in Thailand would possess such positive attitude, open heartedness and the passion to be involved with the local issues, and from there adopt a different mind set and truly appreciate the unique way that things work in Thailand, rather than making complains or a big fuss out of something that doesn’t seem to suit their styles of working. (March 2004)

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