Abolishing independent agencies smacks of a hidden agenda

Abolishing independent agencies smacks of a hidden agenda – The Nation, March 8, 2012
…The call for the abolition of the Constitutional and Administration courts has therefore raised doubts over what the real intent of the whole exercise of rewriting the charter is. In fact, some of the proposals raised by the ruling party and its associates have deepened the suspicion that the move is aimed simply at helping fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra to return to Thailand as a free man. That, unfortunately, will inevitably pit the opponents against the advocates, leading to another round of political confrontation that could mean more street violence.
…In fact, several landmark verdicts by the Administrative Court have underscored the importance of an independent judicial body that can rule on such vital social issues as environmental hazards and deep-rooted social injustices.
Without the judicial support of an administrative court, the little people would have remained under the mercy of a severe bureaucracy and political establishment that could ignore with impunity the plight of the disadvantaged and underprivileged.
The Constitutional Court has likewise proved to be independent and effective, despite the fact that the judges have come under enormous pressure from politicians with vested interests – and who have tried every possible means to wriggle out of their roles plagued by conflicts of interest…

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