Abhisit, Suthep reply to govt. murder charges against them: Death before amnesty bill for Thaksin

Abhisit, Suthep: death before amnesty bill – The Nation, December 8, 2012
…”I hereby affirm that I will not negotiate for anybody’s interest. I insist that wrongdoers must be brought to justice and will fight the case based on facts. I will not join the process to absolve people who cheated the country. I’ll accept my fate even if the judicial process lands me in jail or gets me executed, but I will not whitewash the wrongdoings of cheaters,” the opposition leader said.

Abhisit gears up to battle murder rap – Bangkok Post, December 8, 2012
…Mr Abhisit said the charges laid against him and Mr Suthep were to pressure him and his party to support the government’s proposed reconciliation law. He insisted that his government’s action was to restore peace and order and was in line with the law…

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