Abhisit supported the junta

From Arun, December 26, 2017
Title: Once he realizes it, it is already been too late.
On the box: Arun’s cartoon, Arun Watcharasawad [cartoon column and cartoonist]

[This shows Democrat Party leader former PM Abhisit Vejjajiva. The Democrat Party party gave tacit support to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) to overthrow the Pheu Thai-led government in 2014.
The PDRC is symbolized by the whistle which was blown to symbolize how the protest movement was trying to expose the real intention of the Pheu Thai-led government–to return Thaksin to power.
After the coup, the Democrat Party supported military junta in its efforts to reform the country thinking they would benefit from from the upheaval.
However, the junta created regulations to control political parties which would prevent a party like the Democrat Party from really holding power.
The cartoon illustrates the wrong decision made by the Democrat Party to support the overthrow of the previous government and then embrace the junta.
Instead of benefiting from the change, the Democrats are prevented from holding actual power in a future elected government.]

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