A young girl does a better job than the PM

From Manager, March 14, 2018
Left: The success of the Prime Minister suppressing corruption.
Right: …from an intern.
On the fish: Corruption of money to pay to the poor

[This refers to the stunning scandal uncovered by a young whistle blower who was an intern at a state agency.
After she left the position, she exposed embezzlement at a welfare center. She claimed that her internship at a government job required her to forge the signatures of thousands of people so that her superiors could pocket the money.
Since then, the scandal has spread out to many more provinces and is one of the largest mass graft schemes exposed in recent years.
The cartoonist notes that the government, while continually touting its desire to reform the system and end corruption, has very little to show for their efforts despite having absolute power to do whatever they want.]

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