A tool of cruel power

From Thairath, October 3, 2020
Title: A tool of cruel power
On the constitution held by PM Prayuth and Election Commission chief Ittiporn: My rules.. from the constitution’ 60. Whatever we do, there is nothing wrong. [meaning the former junta wrote the charter and seems to never fall afoul of Election Commission rulings]
On the Election Commission chief’s suit: EC; Orange card; Yellow card; Red card; Black card
On the party members’ back and on signs close to them: MPs; Against the government; Opposition Party; Dissolve the party; Deprive of MP’s rights
Phi Nooring: Destroy the democratic-side political parties
Mouse: Draft a new constitution

[Refers to the current constitution written during the military-dominated government. This constitution has been criticized as the tool for extending the junta’s power to become the current elected government. In the cartoon, the government together with the Election Commission (EC) uses the constitution as the tool to destroy the opposition.]

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