A tale of two newspapers: US ‘error’

A tale of two newspapers: US 'error' - March 25, 2004
The saga of the two local English-language papers continues: Today the Post has a different take on the US human rights report (not mentioning its incorrect story from yesterday), but still spins it by highlighting the 'error' in its headline. The Nation again hammers home that the government claims of an apology are false.
US stands by report, but removes error - Bangkok Post
The United States stands by its assessment of Thailand's human rights problems but concedes it made an error in a report, since removed after Bangkok objected, US embassy spokesman Mark Larsen said.
US Embassy confirms no apology issued - The Nation
“There have been no messages from either President [George] Bush or US Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Thai government regarding the human rights report,” said Mark Larson, an embassy spokesman. “The US is standing by its human rights report,” he said.
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