A tale of two newspapers: Ghost buildings

A tale of two newspapers: Ghost buildings - March 26, 2004
Same day, same subject: ghost buildings. The Post quotes "property expert and lecturer Manop Bongsadadt," and The Nation quotes "independent architect Yodyiam Teptaranon" resulting in very different articles.
B135bn needed to revive ghost buildings - Amnesty seen as best way out of problem - Bangkok Post, March 26, 2004
Construction on half of the buildings, mostly in prime areas, is expected to restart this year...
``About 25% of the 508 ghost buildings are continuing with reconstruction, such as the Central World Plaza. The idea of demolishing them is not fair to their owners. Rather, we should consider whether it is safe to reconstruct or renovate them,'' he said....

'Ghost buildings not worth reviving' - The Nation, March 26, 2004
...half of those structures should be torn down immediately for safety reasons alone, independent architect Yodyiam Teptaranon said.
And the answer to the question, 'Why doesn't someone finish those buildings?':
... Other experts shared the view that many projects could not be restarted because creditors and debtors could not agree on financial matters. Bankers are reluctant to offer "haircuts", the experts said.
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