A shadow war from Bangkok to Baku

A shadow war from Bangkok to Baku – CNN, February 22, 2012
…Several analysts consulted by CNN say elements within or associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard are likely responsible for the recent plots. One branch of the Guard, the Quds Force, is responsible for covert operations overseas.
…”We see what is happening in India, Georgia and Thailand. It is the same pattern. The same bomb, the same lab, the same factory,” Yaalon told the newspaper Maariv.
Nasr says that the Quds Force is capable of highly professional operations. It may be deliberately mounting unsophisticated, easily discovered plots to try to scare the West – and to demonstrate that it can carry out attacks anywhere in the world.
The Quds Force was also implicated in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States last year…

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