A Real Communist?

From Manager, June 20, 2019
Left: Lenin: If you will teach your daughter to be the real communist… you must warn her a little bit…
Pannika’s dad: About insulting the royal family?
Right: Lenin: No!… About her costumes… Communists won’t wear a designed dress… with a price more than ten thousand!!!

[Refers to Future Forward Party’s spokesperson Pannika and her family. The party is derived from the Nitirat group, academics willing to question the role of the monarchy in Thai society and openly oppose lese majeste laws. While many in society might agree that open discussion of these topics is warranted, the movement seemed to exist in tandem with the Red Shirts, perhaps being a component of the pressure Thaksin wished to place on those who tried to sideline him. In any event, pressing these points at the twilight of the reign of Rama IX was a clearly provocative act.
Recently photos circulated of Pannika’s father allegedly wearing a communist-style hat with a red star. On top of other recent controversies surrounding her, critics have taken to demonizing her as a revolutionary.
In the cartoon Lenin jokes that she is not a real communist, because the inappropriate dress that she wore to parliament was a designer dress a real communist would never wear.]

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