A democratic government controlled from abroad


From Thairath, September 11, 2015
Left: We must reject the draft constitution because it’s written to allow an elected government to be controlled by the NSCRR…
Middle, Red Shirt Jatuporn: …which is not a democracy
Man: Then, what shall the democratic government be like?
Right: The elected government shall be controlled by a person from abroad like it used to be.

[Refers to the draft constitution which would have allowed a “National Strategic Committee for Reform and Reconciliation” (NSCRR) to seize control of an elected government during an ill-defined crisis. This part of the charter was criticized as being a tool to maintain the junta’s power.
In the cartoon, the Red Shirt leader defines democracy as many Thaksin supporters do–as an elected government like the People Power Party government of 2008 or the Pheu Thai-led government that is run by Thaksin who lives abroad in Dubai.]

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