Bananas for the monkeys 2

From Thairath, June 25, 2020
Title: Stop a fight for a ‘banana’ between ‘groups’
On chair: Leader of Palang Pracharath party
On banana held by Deputy PM Prawit: Ministers
On bananas close to him: Political positions
Coin bags close to PM Prayuth from left to right: Budget, Loan
On MPs’ cloth: PPRP
On paper close to them: Compete for Minister positions
Phi Nooring: They will be full [of bananas].
Mouse: Internal war

[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit ‘Pom’ Wongsuwan who has now become the leader of the Palang Pracharath Party. This was done so that this top military figure could ensure government stability amid intense infighting for government spoils among its many factions.
The bananas refer to a famous quote from one of key figures in the Palang Prachrath party. He is Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Thamnat Prompao who compared small groups of MPs demanding control of government ministries to monkeys and he said that if you want to control them, you just give them bananas. This was interpreted to mean that money and other perks have to be given out to calm MPs and keep the government coalition stable. This confirms the most cynical assumptions about politicians and government.]

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