I love cobras

From Naewna, June 13, 2020
Sudarat: I hate to raise a cobra.
On the pot close to Sudarat: Pao Thai
On the pot close to Thanathorn: Kaothalai

[Refers to the term “cobra” to mean a person who betrays their group or switches allegiances. It is most commonly used to refer to a politician who betrays their party and moves to other parties for their own benefit.
The cartoonist illustrates an ironic action of Phua Thai’s Sudarat who always said she dis not like cobras. However, her party was alleged to have paid money to attract politicians from the Kaokai (Move Forward Party) established by former Future Forward party led by Thanathorn.
The cartoonist ridicules the parties’ names. He calls the Phua Thai Party the “Pao Thai” as a reference to Thaksin’s Red Shirt agitation in the past and the arson that resulted as “Pao” means “burn.”
The text on the pot close to Thanathorn is “Kaothalai.” It mocks the name of the former Future Forward Party named “Kaokai” or “Moving Forward.” In the cartoon, instead of “Kaokai,” it is “Kaothalai” meaning “slipping.” So instead of using “Kao” (walk or step), it is “Kaothalai” (slipping).]

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