Fertilizing the junta party with crap of the past

From Manager, April 24, 2018
On the toilets from back to front: Phalang Chon, Democrat, Bhumjaithai, Pheu Thai
On the sign by the plant at left: People-state party [this is thought to be the junta’s political party]
Deputy PM Somkid: Mr. PM, you don’t need to be afraid… We got this fertilizer… it will help grow up very fast…
Caption: Faster-grow fertilizer

[Refers to an attempt of the junta to maintain PM Prayuth’s premiership through a political party’s list of prime ministerial candidates rather than hoping he will be chosen as an “outsider prime minister” by the proxy parties.
This means “vacuuming up” MPs factions and political parties just as Thaksin did.
Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak apparently supported this strategy and it is believed that his subordinates formed the party named People-state party to serve this strategy.
In the cartoon, it shows how the junta is trying to absorb the old-guard politicians from various groups to join them for winning the vote.
The cartoonist seemed to be expressing disappointment that the junta, which promised reform, is relying on the dirty political king pins of the past to cling to power.]

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