Somaly Mam Public Relations Blitz: ‘I Didn’t Lie’

After Long Silence, Somaly Mam Hits Back –, September 18, 2014
…Within hours of the Marie Claire article hitting the Web, Scott Gorenstein, vice president of public relations firm Jonathan Marder + Company, sent an email to journalists claiming the Newsweek story was full of “inconsistencies, innuendos and inaccuracies.”
“[Mr. Marks’] material has effectively destroyed the reputation, and decades of work, by a woman whom even he acknowledges had done enormous good,” the email continues.
In the email, Mr. Gorenstein also offers interviews with Ms. Mam, who is “now willing to speak for the first time” in the hope that she can restore her reputation.
Contacted by telephone Wednesday evening, Mr. Gorenstein said Ms. Mam was “en route to New York at the moment” and the company would be scheduling interviews with journalists starting September 22.
Asked who was paying for the New York-based firm’s services, Mr. Gorenstein, who also represents American actress and singer Liza Minnelli, said: “I’m not going to get into that…”

Somaly Mam Public Relations Blitz: ‘I Didn’t Lie’ –, September, 2014
…Mam denies coaching the girl to lie. The journalist who made the film, Claude Sempere, says he does not believe Mam coached the girl. He says he plucked the girl and several others for filming from a group of children, and that “it’s completely mad” to suggest the girl’s interview was fake. The young woman, now married, couldn’t be located. Mam says she lives in a Phnom Penh suburb but declined to put me in touch. The reason, she says: The young woman has problems at home because her husband hadn’t known she had been trafficked until the news coverage came out…

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