Abhisit similar to Mugabe?

Abhisit similar to Mugabe? - RobertAmsterdam.com, July 18, 2010

[So far, the Amsterdam blogging effort has not shown much finesse. There are many foreigners both in Thailand and abroad who are interested in understanding the complex and challenging situation as the government attempts to redirect public protest in the face of a concerted effort directed to effect Thaksin's pardon and return to power.
It seems unlikely that many of these strident Amsterdam posts would be seen as anything more than what they are--ghost-written blogs under the byline of Thaksin's lobbyist.]

...In Zimbabwe in particular there are a number of processes and striking parallels between the current conduct of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Democrat Party, and the military, and events that were taking place under Mugabe’s early administration 7-9 years ago, before everything went off the rails. Early on in Mugabe’s rise, we observed 1) an outsourcing of political violence, 2) the creation of a repressive legalistic apparatus, and 3) an exhibition of a “terrorism algorithm” – an inverse relationship between the state’s level of democratic legitimacy and the need to taint opponents as terrorists...

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