Thai Media Project – September 2008

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Somchai 1 Cabinet - Komchadluek, September 25, 2008

New cabinet lineup
New entrances - 12
Former members - 24
Core quota (Thaksin) - 8
PPP faction - 14
5 coalitions - 14
[On the bottle] Somchai 1 [cabinet]
(At the bottom) Komchadluek graphic

Thaksin shakes the bottle - Komchadluek, September 25, 2008 
It reads: Thaksin shapes the Cabinet himself [literally "shakes the bottle of the Cabinet himself"] - Orarn to supervise the economy - Newin competes to enter the Cabinet - Chawalit failed [this later proved not to be the case as Chawalit was made a Deputy PM] - Sompong to sits Foreign Minister post - Ladder given to PAD [meaning a way for PAD to climb back into normal politics] - Committee to be established to work with the 3rd Constitution Drafting Committee to discuss new politics [referring to the controversial moves to amend the constitution]

PM Somchai - Komchadluek, September 18, 2008
It reads: House resolution votes Somchai to become Prime Minister by 298:163 - “I do not support the wrongdoer” - Surapong asks to leave - Many (are) aides of Yaowapa - PAD considers to continue to fight or to dissolve [The people are Somchai and his wife Yaowapa who is Thaksin's sister.]

AIA profits - Phujatkan, September 18, 2008
It reads: AIA ordered to continue profit haul from Thailand [This seems to be another rabble rousing article criticizing AIA as a large foreign company making profits from Thailand.]


From Krungtepturakit, by Arun Sept 10, 2008 - Samak stabbed with a cooking fork

From Thairath, September 11, 2008 -  Don't taste, don't complain [a reference to the title of Samak's TV show which translates to something like "Tasting... Complaining] Out of PM position by the constitution

From Manager by Buncha/Kamin, September 10, 2008 - Assembly of only 9 persons who successfully chased [away] Mak [Samak] - [This refers to the nine judges who handled down the ruling disqualifying Samak.]

Resurrecting Samak - Krungthep Turakit, Criticism (Tassana Vijarn), September 10, 2008
Title at top: 500 men + 1....
The cat says: Let’s jump over his coffin so that he revives and returns to his Prime Minister post. [Thais believe that if black cats jump over the coffin of the dead, the ghost will become very fierce. These cats have the People Power Party logo on them.]
At the bottom: Fighting ghost to revive – awakening the ghost to sit up!!!

Reviving Samak - Naewna, by Poj, September 12, 2008
It reads: Do not worry sir, we have restored respiration for you, you will go back to take the post soon.

Sorry for letting you down... - Kao Lao Ruam Mitr by Tin, September 6, 2008
Sorry for letting you down...
Top left to right: Won't quit [PAD protesters shaking their fists at a TV. Spit is coming out of the TV which symbolizes Samak saying he will not step down as PM.]
Won't use a truncheon [Commander-in-Chief Anupong Paojinda is a Thai-style giant - He is known to have refused the orders of PM Samak to violently crack down on the PAD.]
Won't join a Buddhist ceremony [The cartoon shows Tej Boonnak, the Foreign Minister, who resigned from the Samak administration. "Won't join a Buddhist ceremony" means he won't be involved with Samak.]
Bottom left to right: Won't cut water and power [The man is Somsak Kosaisuk of the state enterprise unions and one of the PAD leaders. Unions had at one point threatened to cut utilities to support the PAD protest.]
Won't be noticed by anyone [On the flag it says "New politics- don't want outside people." Refers to the PAD demand for a mostly appointed parliament.]
Won't report himself to the police nor move out of the place [On the banner it says "PAD get out." This refers to reports that fish in canals in Government House were dying because of pollution or lack of water circulation caused by the protesters.]

Good luck and bad luck - Thai Rath; cartoon by Chai Ratchawat, September 6, 2008

Top left to right: The good luck is that oil prices go down
The bad luck is that fees for expressway are raised

The good luck is that we have a right to vote for the Bangkok governor
The bad luck is that the public will not be allowed to gather in a group of more than five persons [reference to the emergency decree prohibiting gatherings of people]

Bad luck is that the boat is sinking, good luck that some are able to run away. [The man is Tej Boonnak, foreign minister, who resigned from the Samak government.]

The good luck is that a referendum will be held
The bad luck is that it will be voted on by those people who do not accept the 2007 Constitution [Refers to the pro-Thaksin groups and the People Power Party who oppose the present constitution imposed by the coup-era government.]

Bottom left to right: The good luck is that the government requires people to pay respect to the Court [It is an offense to criticize court decisions and over the past two years the judiciary has emerged as check and balance in the Thai political system.]

The bad luck is that 2,500 people have died without having any chance to testify in the Court [The courts were silent as police were allowed to engage in extra-judicial killings related to the war on drugs.]

The bad luck is that the Prime Minister announces that implementation of the State of Emergency.

The good luck is that the Commander-in-Chief is not a greedy person [Shows Samak trying to push a soldier to violently crack down on the PAD. Current C-in-C Anupong is seen as a mellow and shrewd person who will not take advantage of the emergency decree to gain control for himself and his military allies. This is in contrast to the entire previous history of the military until the 1990s when soldiers would seize any opportunity to rule and control the civilian side of politics for their own benefit.]


Taste and Curse - Phutjatkuan, September 1, 2008
["Taste and Curse" is a mocking reference to Samak’s Chim Pai Bon Pai’s TV program]

1st row, left to right:
Panel 1 - WAIT
Panel 2 - Prime Minister, when will you allow me to fight the PAD? [This person appears to be the Interior Minister Kovit.]
Panel 3 - We have to wait until the PAD makes a false step--if not, we lose the area.

2nd row, left to right:
Panel 1 - And when will they make a false step? It is almost 100 days since the protest was started.
Panel 2 - Ah!
Panel 3 - This is it! The group’s false step occurred. They invaded and tried to seize the NBT!

3rd row, left to right:
Panel 1 - Even it is a small mistake of the PAD, we should take the opportunity.
Panel 2 - No, we’ll wait to see!
Panel 3 - Take a look at that... It gets started.

4th row, left to right:
Panel 1 - Let’s wait until the press and the academics curse the PAD and later we do it ourselves.

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