Thai-language newspapers – June 6-7, 2005


June 6, 2005

* On June 5, an ABAC poll surveyed 1,996 people in Bangkok about who would be dream members of the counter corruption committee. 42.1% of people want Prem Tinlasoolanon, the privy councilor and former PM, and 36.2% want Purachai Piemsomboon.

June 7, 2005

* A resource at the Ministry of Agriculture informs that on June 7, 100 farm leaders from Esarn provinces will meet Agriculture Minister Sudarat Keyuraphan to submit letters to support GMO papaya experiments in the fields. This is opposite the demands from NGOs.

* June 6 - At 20:00pm, Mr. Suchon Chaleekrua, senator chairperson and 200 other senators went to see the movie Tin Mine or Mahalai Muangrae at Grand EGV, Siam Discovery in order to support a good quality Thai film. He said he will talk about this film in parliament also.


June 6, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Prajinburi - Mr. Nikom Butrsri, the manager unit of Singer, Prajinburi branch, was shot dead at his house. The police suspect that it is related to a lover case because his wife disappeared mysteriously. She also had a new boyfriend who is a policeman.

June 7, 2005

* June 6 - Mrs. Areesuang Nilwan or Jubjaeng, the 27-year-old movie star went with her husband to inform police at Nonthaburi province that Mr. Patcharapong Tumthong, electric appliance salesman at Tesco Lotus, Bangyai branch, used a mobile phone to take a photo under her skirt.

* Meyo Hospital - Ms Atima Thanaseni, a 20-year-old movie star from Channel 7, was sent to the hospital in the same room with her brother. She has a high fever and is being checked whether it is hemorrhagic fever.

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