Thai-language newspapers – March 15, 2005

Matichon - March 15, 2005

* In Chaingrai, on the night of March 13, there was rain and strong wind which made advertising signs fall down and knocked out the power. Meanwhile, in Maejun district, a hail storm destroyed one house, and a storm blew the roof off of two houses in Maesai and broke a 50-year-old big tree in Chiangsaen district.

* On March 14, there was strong wind and heavy rain for 1 hour in Rasit municipality, Pathumthani which caused a 30 cm high flood and traffic jam for 5 kilometers. Also it made a big advertisement sign of Issariya Firstferty village come off and hit an electric poll of the gas station near Tesco Lotus causing one worker to be slightly injured.

* March 14 - T
he Fine Arts Department continues resisting EGAT blasting the fossil beds after the Council of State points that they are ancient ruins and prepare to inform EGAT. If EGAT continues, it will be charges with criminal penalties for the destruction of national assets.

Thairath - March 15, 2005

* Sudarat gave an interview yesterday (March 14) after the Cabinet meeting in Huahin saying she did not order and did not know who moved the date trees. Newin Chidchob, Deputy Minister of Agriculture is also puzzled as to who did and said he is just a deputy. Meanwhile Mr. Bunpot Hongthong, the Permanent Undersecretary of the Ministry admitted he did it because it was a plan to adjust the view in front of the ministry.

* This year is the worst serious drought covering all areas in Thailand especially in 66 provinces. Suffering hardship in Esarn is at 100%. The agriculture market has tumbled down valued 7 billion baht.

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