Thai-language newspapers – March 10-11, 2005

Matichon - March 11, 2005

* On March 10, at Imperial Queen Park Hotel, TAT and the National Film Confederation Association organized a ceremony giving an honorary award for the success of the Ong-Bak film. Mr. Suwat Lippatapunlop, Deputy PM and Chairperson said Ong-Bak is in the top twenty box office in USA and earned 16 million baht from showing in 32 countries around the world. Meanwhile actor Ja-Panom Yeerum said this is historic and unexpected and a chance for public relation and support for tourism to Thailand.

Thairath - March 11, 2005

* Samutsakorn - The teacher from Wat Yaibanbor, Thambon Banbor took 27 nauseous and vomiting students, 4-12 years old to the Banpaew Hospital. After checking the syndrome, the doctor sent the most seriously sick students to another hospital. The director of school assumed that they ate sweetmeat “lookchub” which was sold by Mrs. Poon, a monger in front of school. She accepts her mistake and said that the cause may be from a coconut milk ingredient that she has just changed.

* On March 10, police were informed that Mr. Louis Joseph Chiavacci, a 61-year-old American, took Ms. Noi (not her real name), a 14-year-old student, for taking nude photos and to rape her at the motel in Sukhumvit Soi 11. Police found a digital camera with more than 50 nude photos of Thai women so the police seized the camera. The police informed the US embassy in Thailand which send an officer to coordinate and found that Mr. Chiavacci is an engineer and has previous offenses for obscene materials, carrying guns, and bad checks. He has be free from penalties for two years.

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