Thai-language newspapers – December 21, 2004

Matichon - December 21, 2004

* Khunying Or [PM Thaksin’s wife's nickname] donated 50 million baht to the TRT party. Thaksin picks a quarrel with the Democrat Party by saying they are like an undertaker waiting for a cremation. Chuan counters that if TRT want to win in Trang province, don’t cheat. Meanwhile the Chatthai Party hopes to get four seats for MPs in Donmuang , Saimai, Dindaneg and Pathumwan districts.

* Mr. Chaowalit Noisri, the chairperson of the AIDS Protection network speaks at the seminar and says that Thai male students sell their bodies in Germany and get 200,000 baht per month. They show off to their friends by saying they studied abroad. Meanwhile, 200 female students ask for help with abortions.

* The National Human Rights Commission wonders if government organizations protect the Phadaeng Industry Mine company in the case of cadmium contamination at Maesod, Tak province. The representative of Basic Mine Industrial Department claims that the Prime Minister said, do not try to find the cause, but cooperate to solve the problem.

Thairath - December 21, 2004

* On December 19, a 28-year-old Canadian who took her mom to travel at Samet Island, Rayong province, was raped by Mr. Werawat Kedbuakhao, waiter at Hadzai Kaew Restaurant. After examining witnesses on December 20, the court ordered the police get a warrant to arrest the accused. The victim is leaving Thailand in the evening.

* On December 20 at Klongluang, Phatumtani province, the police and Office of the Narcotics Control Board said that they arrested Mrs. Netnapha Tinamas, a member of a drug network, while she was sending the drugs at the Mall Ngamwongwan. She said she got an order from a prisoner named Manop Kiewpun, who is in Tak jail and one of the sellers is a vegetable seller in Taladthai, Phatumthani.

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