Thai-language newspapers – December 8, 2004

Matichon - December 8, 2004

Breaking news: Office of The Election Commission of Thailand has just declared that February 6, 2005 is the general election day.

* Thaksin instructs authorities to strongly monitor media which have ads for sex services. He mention the case of 17-year-old young man who sold his belongings to buy sex which was advertised in a magazine.

* Mr. Waratep Rattankorn, Deputy in the Finance Ministry, said the Tobacco authority will set a 120 million bath budget for an anti-smoking campaign.

* Mr. Jarupong Ruoengsuwan, the permanent undersecretary of the Labor Ministry, reveals that the government approves a budget of 228 million baht to create jobs in the three southern provinces. Hiring will be from December 16-23. At present there are 30,972 positions available. Applicants must use their I.D. card to apply, not just a photo.

Thairath - December 8, 2004

* In Srakaew Province, police raid drug sellers in an OTOP shop named “Kamonwan.” A police dog found drugs hidden in a fertilizer bag at the back of the shop.

* The media reports that Nurita Malaiman is the girl who found the paper origami crane with Thaksin's signature. However, after checked the phone number on the bird, it is for Mr. Sompong, a Kalasin resident. He is puzzled when lots of people called him about this and he never folded a bird for the crane drop.

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