Researchers excited at discovery of new bats

Researchers excited at discovery of new bats - The Nation, May 23, 2006
...Three rare bat species have been found in Chadai Slope in Mukdahan National Park. They are Hipposiderous pomona ("Khangkhao Na Yak Lek" - a bat with a giant's face: small), Rhinolophus pusillus ("Khangkhao Mongkut Lek" - a bat wearing a crown: small), and the Rat-eared bat ("Khangkhao Hoo Noo").
...Dr Sara Bamrungsri, a head researcher from Prince of Songkhla University who specialises in bats, said a bat similar to a tube-nosed bat thought to be a new species had been found in NA Haew National Park in Loei province. Verification is underway to determine whether it has ever been seen before...
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