New parliament may be built at Suvarnabhumi city: Bhokin

New parliament may be built at Suvarnabhumi city: Bhokin - The Nation, November 10, 2005
[Like the question of what will become of Don Muang Airport, the issue of where the new parliament building will be is continually being discussed as politically connected land speculators lurch from site to site to buy up the adjacent land. The issue of the new parliament building has been discussed for over a decade.]
...Bhokin said the House committee on parliamentary affairs proposed three choices for the new site of parliament for him to consideration and he believed the area of Suvarnabhumi city would be the best choice.
The two other choices were a military plot in Nonthaburi and a plot near industrial plants in Rangsit. He said the two other areas would not be appropriate for housing a new parliament. He said the military plot would be too close to a palace while the plot in Rangsit would be too close to industrial plants...
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