Email petition to save BBC’s Thai-language broadcasts

Email petition to save BBC's Thai-language broadcasts - The Nation, October 18, 2005
...Nopmanee said the 25-minute programme, broadcast twice daily, had been a valuable source of news and entertainment to its dedicated Thai listeners, broadening their world view. Nopmanee urged other disgruntled listeners to speak up through [email protected]...
...Chuan said most journalists working at Thai-owned media outlets were beholden to government officials and so were unable to remain impartial. "They are either on the side of the government or else parrot [the views of the government]."
Thanet Aphornsuwan, director of Southeast Asian studies at Thammasat University, agreed. "The BBC can say things that local Thai journalists cannot say," Thanet said. "I think the BBC Thai-language service has played a role in strengthening people's access to news and information. It also keeps Thai authorities on their toes..."

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