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All about Sorayuth - April 12, 2005 has mentioned Sorayuth and his breaking news reports several times this year and 2B readers have asked for more info on who he is.
Sorayuth Sutassanajinda hosts some of the most popular and influential morning and evening news and talk shows. He has publicized many significant incidents in the past few years on Thueng Look Thueng Kon and won one of the top media awards last year for his reporting. He clearly has the ear of the public.
SMS reporting is a big part of his shows. He is often first to report breaking news via listeners who send in on-the-spot reports via SMS (we have often mentioned these reports on 2B).
Also, with regularity, SMS 'polls' are presented to show public support for controversial government initiatives even when more scientific polling shows the opposite. For instance, on the morning of February 21, an ABAC Poll was published that showed 68% did not agree with the red zone plan for the South. At the same time, Sorayuth was reporting that his 'SMS poll' showed that 72% agreed with Thaksin. It is widely believed that this kind of overwhelming and instantaneous support for government policies (as well as floods of aggressive pro-government comments on Thai-language forums) is organized by the government (or political parties).
Criticism is sometimes leveled over Sorayuth being very careful not to criticize the government. When PM Thaksin is interviewed by Sorayuth, it is noticed that he asks easy questions that seem rehearsed so viewers will sympathize with Thaksin. Once Khaosod newspaper joked that Sorayuth may be the new spokesman for the government. Sorayuth was upset by this and countered he was only trying to be neutral.
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