More on the Cabinet 2005

Above: Komchadluek's March 12 news of the cabinet appointments: 'All Thaksin's people seize the main ministries - Noi (Sudarat) is Minister of Agriculture"


Above: Former PM Chuan Leekpai comments on the cabinet appointments on Saturday

More on the cabinet - March 14, 2005
EDITORIAL: Concentration of power continues - The Nation, March 14, 2005

Thai PM defends cabinet choices amid criticism - AFP, March 13, 2005
..."The cabinet members include some ex-bureaucrats who have received plum positions after abandoning their political neutrality during the election campaign," former prime minister Chuan Leekpai, now the opposition Democrat Party's chief advisor, said in the Nation newspaper.
Opinion pieces in the English and Thai language media offered further criticism, with one calling the cabinet a "hodgepodge of misfits" and another blasting the "eleven PhDs" now in the body...

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