More articles about the new cabinet

List of new Cabinet ministers of Thailand - AP, March 11, 2005

Finance minister retained as new Thai Cabinet announced - AP, March 11, 2005

Cabinet spoils go to Thaksin’s supporters - The Nation, March 12, 2005
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister have scored 26 of the Cabinet’s 35 positions for 24 members of their factions, including three for the businessmen who finance the Thai Rak Thai Party...

Deputy speaker’s first item of business: A nose-powdering room - The Nation, March 12, 2005
...Lalita, the country’s first female deputy House speaker, said her first order of business was to equip the women’s lavatory on the second floor of the building with beauty equipment, hair dryers, cosmetics, combs and perfumes. “These will help improve the look and personalities of female MPs,’’ she said...
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