More from the Wat Pasalawan controversy

More from the Wat Pasalawan controversy - Korat Post, March 16, 2005
We are not sure what this is really about or why we should care, but the Wat Pasalawan controversy continues.
...Despite the need for appropriate decorum, Daeng lashed out in a barage of anti-foreign invective that will shock you when you read it. We have been asked, with deep respect, to tone down our coverage, and have...
Brazenly taking my photo, this man, who was the one that slapped our female assistant on 12 February 2005 inside Wat Pasalawan, he then walked away, saying, "You are now considered a target." Why have police not apprehended this man? They need his real name. Do you know it? Call us.
...We have been threatened, and a recent public radio broadcast has cited us by name as attempting to harm the mon... and religion...
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